My mission statement for counseling is based on tenets that include dedication to helping adults and adolescents explore and process the etiology of their psychological challenges and empower them with understanding, tools and skills to manage their issues in a way that leads them to a sense of emotional independence.

I am enthusiastic about helping patients learn that their thinking drives their feelings and that they can be in control of their emotional well being. Whether the patient has experienced trauma, is chemically dependent, depressed, anxious, has anger management issues or mood disorders, I find that mental health counseling delivered with experience, expertise and empathy will establish a productive and successful counseling experience.

As a clinician I know that successful treatment begins with accurate assessment and transitions into a therapeutic climate that will promote patient progress. I like to provide therapy that is creatively tailored to each patient's individual needs and to have a broad spectrum of techniques from which to design treatment plans.

I have a passion for helping clients redirect negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors and become more comfortably adjusted to their life situations. I hope to guide each patient through setting and reaching realistic goals that are congruent with their personal and emotional needs. My goal as a therapist is to help patients improve their psychological health, increase their self-esteem, improve their interpersonal relationships, and, most importantly, learn the "art" of psychological self-care.

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